What If…? is the new Marvel Studios series coming soon to Disney+

What If...?

The long-awaited What If…? animated series from A.C. Bradley is one of the big releases this August for the Marvel Universe.

What if…? is one of the most innovative and diverse Marvel Studios projects since the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. A.C. Bradley’s series will explore and present multiple storylines, as the comic did initially. In essence, this series on Disney+ will recount the story of what might happen if the key events of the movies transpired differently.

The new MCU series debuts exclusively on Disney+ on August 11. Development began in September 2018 and has been ongoing for the last three years. In addition to the already promised second season, this first season will consist of ten episodes, with a new episode airing every Wednesday until October when the tenth and final episode of this first season comes out.

This is something entirely different from any of the Marvel storylines that fans are familiar with. And while it will just be experiments and stories that will never come true, it is a great approach to turn the MCU around in this era as far as superheroes are concerned.

Watch What If…? trailer below!

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