Rolling Stone is now on Twitch with original music programming and concerts

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone and Twitch are joining forces to launch a series of music streaming experiences. The channel goes live today at 3 PM Central Time.

Rolling Stone is best known for its eponymous magazine. The brand is now over 50 years old and has continued into the digital age with its website. Now Rolling Stone brings its iconic name to Twitch’s highly engaged (and younger) audience for a series of streaming experiences. Both artists and fans will have access to curated music, as well as “thousands of hours” of new and exclusive music content.

The Rolling Stone channel is set to bring music lovers around the world a “range of experiences with artists” including news and interviews. They also plan to host music festivals and concerts. The mainstay of the channel includes a daily news show.

Twitch isn’t just for gaming

Amazon-owned Twitch is best known as a streaming platform for gamers. (Think YouTube for video games.) Although gaming takes center stage on the site, Twitch has channels for a number of different interests including food, fitness, and art. In fact, one of the most popular non-gaming channels on Twitch features re-runs of the late American artist Bob Ross. Savvy political leaders like AOC have also embraced the platform as a way to reach young voters.

When to watch

The inaugural live stream launching today starts broadcasting at 3:00 PM Central. It will kick off a week of daily variety shows, featuring original segments and existing Rolling Stone franchises on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Expect live musical performances on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tia Hill and Jon Weigell host the two-hour streams on Twitch. Guests will span musicians, comedians, actors, political figures, journalists, experts, gamers, athletes, and more. Week one guests include Marcus King, Ted Park, and Joe and Anthony Russo. 

The channel is located at twitch.tv/rollingstone.

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