New York Ninja

New York Ninja, a film lost for 37 years, will soon be available on Blu-ray

New York Ninja

New York Ninja is an action film directed by martial arts legend John Liu, which was lost for many years. It will finally see the light of day.

Vinegar Syndrome announced today that, following a period of rehabilitation and adaption to the digital realm, the 35 mm film, New York Ninja, will finally arrive in our homes on November 1st in Blu-ray format.

A typical ’80s action movie

New York Ninja, directed and starring martial arts superstar John Liu in his sole American production, was shot fully on 35 mm in 1984. However, the project was canceled during production, resulting in the loss of all original sound material, screenplays, and treatments.

Vinegar Syndrome obtained the original unedited camera negative 35 years later and meticulously assembled and finished the picture, leaving behind an experience that we don’t get to witness every day in the film industry.

New York Ninja will be released in its entirety for the first time on November 1, 2021 after nearly four decades in cinematic obscurity. There are also plans to bring it to select theaters in 2022.

Watch the trailer of the movie below!

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