New footage leaked from the filming of the new HBO series inspired by The Last of Us

The Last of Us HBO

A Twitter user releases some photos from the filming of the upcoming HBO series based on The Last Of Us, and from what we can see, HBO is taking things seriously, and it seems quite accurate to what we saw at the start of the game

The highly anticipated The Last of Us series officially began filming for the HBO Series in early July, and a few weeks later, new photos of the filming set in Austin, Texas, which is extremely accurate to the game’s early sequences, have surfaced on social media.

A set that transports you directly to the video game

The new photos and videos of The Last of Us filming were shared through the @necromonica1 Twitter account, illustrating how the series producers continue to explore the story’s origins while Joel is attempting to flee with his daughter Sarah and brother Tommy.

The set is in Fort Macleod, Canada, but according to the photos, the story will remain true to the game, with several vehicles bearing the Austin, Texas logo, police cruisers similar to those seen in the game, as well as posters and the movie theater billboard seen in some of The Last of Us’ opening scenes.

According to some rumors, The Last of Us will have a higher budget than Game of Thrones, costing up to $10 million per episode. The series has no set release date, but it will be one of HBO’s most ambitious productions to date.

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