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Jax Anderson releases Bigger Picture, Say I Do from Songs For Every Condition album

Jax Anderson

Detroit singer Jax Anderson continues her streak of dual releases from her upcoming album, Songs For Every Condition.

The first song from the Happy condition, “Bigger Picture,” features VÉRITÉ and contains a music video made by Jax. The song is coupled with “Say I Do” from Side B Hopeful (with MisterWives & Curtis Roach) and Cloudy (with MisterWives & Curtis Roach).

“Bigger Picture and Say I Do were written about moments of happiness. To me, happiness is a wave you gotta ride when it’s here and a memory to pull from when that wave dips,” Anderson said.

She adds that “Bigger Picture is about the happy moment of meeting someone new and your world opening up like it never has before. I loved having VÉRITÉ on Bigger Picture. Her voice blends perfectly, and I knew she’d kill it. It was written on tour in Australia. I felt like it needed to be more of a back and forth rather than a singular singer.”

“I’m always really grateful when an artist trusts me enough to bring me into their world, especially an artist like Jax who has such a vision,” VÉRITÉ says. “I love the concept she’s created for this next record and how she’s bringing in these different perspectives to explore these different angles of feeling.”


When Jax learned there weren’t enough LGBTQ weddings, she composed Say I Do to be the perfect dancing song. The inspiration for the upcoming album is that life happens in ways that are unpredictable and beautiful. All listeners can feel these feelings with the latest release from the album, Hopeful and Cloudy.

Jax Anderson talked about what she was looking to transmit to all the listeners with her new album and commented a little further about the inspiration of it.

“Songs For Every Condition was inspired by the different conditions of life. I didn’t force myself into a certain soundscape or to stick to a certain genre, but instead allowed the music to be inspired by the different conditions I was in at the time. What came out was a wonderful variety of honest songs.”

Watch Jax Anderson’s Bigger Picture music video down below!

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