Encanto teaser trailer out now as animated film hits theaters and Disney+ this fall


After several months of speculation, Disney has finally announced the release window for the animated film Encanto. They also just debuted a new teaser trailer.

With the passage of time, Disney has sought to adapt to changes in consumer behavior, both in terms of material watching and the tales that must be presented to keep the audience’s attention. Year after year, the firm aims to reach out to other markets in a unique way. As a result, it has adopted numerous cultures from across the world as a reference point for a global tale.

Whether it’s the merger of two cultures – as in Big Hero 6 or medieval Scotland in Brave – Walt Disney Studios has opted to focus on Latin America in order to profit from the region’s rich culture. The tale of the Madrigal, an exceptional family who lives in the Colombian highlands in a magnificent mansion in the busy town of Encanto, is told in Disney Animation Studios’ Encanto.

The Enchantment’s power has bestowed a one-of-a-kind gift on each of the family’s offspring, ranging from superhuman strength to the capacity to heal. Everyone, that is, except Mirabel. When Mirabel finds that the magic that surrounds the Enchantment is posing a threat, she determines that she – the only Madrigal without magical skills – may be her family’s only hope.

Encanto will be available in theaters worldwide as well as on the Disney+ streaming platform in November of this year.

Watch Disney’s Encanto teaser trailer down below!

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