Dark Blood is a gritty prison drama starring John Leguizamo

Dark Blood

Dark Blood depicts a parent who is imprisoned after executing a heinous vengeance crime. During confinement, he must adjust to his new life.

Following the announcement by Film Rise of the acquisition of the distribution rights to John Leguizamo’s new film, Dark Blood, the new film has entered the radars of many critics and cinephiles.

A reality of third world jails

Directed by Colombian Harold Trompetero, we see John Leguizamo in the role of Misael, a man who has been imprisoned in Colombia, waiting to be punished for a vengeance crime against the man who killed his kid. During his imprisonment, he must adjust to a new life of maltreatment, which includes pain and humiliation at the hands of guards and other inmates.

Throughout the film, we see how Leguizamo’s life becomes a distant memory as he is forgotten by his loved ones, while Misael, lonely and abandoned, discovers compassion and kindness in Sarna, the prison dog.

“John Leguizamo’s performance in Dark Blood is a tour de force,” said Danny Fisher, President and CEO at FilmRise. “The power, fear, and compassion that Trompetero evokes through Leguizamo’s performance is a testament to his impressive directing skills. Dark Blood is an exceptional addition to FilmRise’s growing Spanish-language film collection.”

Release date

Dark Blood is coming to on-demand on September 10. The film’s audio will be in Spanish with English subtitles. Its North American premiere coincides with National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Watch the Dark Blood trailer below!

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