Daniel Biss wins Evanston mayoral race

Daniel Biss

Daniel Biss, a former state lawmaker and candidate for governor of Illinois, is set to become the next mayor of Evanston.

Biss declared victory in Tuesday’s mayoral election in the city of nearly 75,000 just north of Chicago. The incumbent mayor, Steve Hagerty, declined to seek re-election to a second four-year term.

According to election results from the Cook County Clerk’s office, Biss leads with 73 percent of the vote. As of 9:40 PM local time, 47 out of 50 precincts were reporting their results.

Mary Loraine ”Lori” Keenan17.53%1,506
Daniel Biss73.23%6,290
Sebastian Nalls9.23%793

Biss ran in the 2018 Democratic primary for governor of Illinois. Governor Pritzker won that race with 45 percent of the vote. Biss came in second place with the other leading candidate, Chris Kennedy, trailing in third.

Despite their status as former rivals, Pritzker endorsed Biss a week before the mayoral election.

Photo Credit: Charles Edward Miller | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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