CTA offers discounted unlimited-ride passes this summer as ridership rebounds


The Chicago Transit Authority is offering discounted unlimited-ride CTA passes through Labor Day to further encourage ridership.

Ridership declined sharply in 2020 as pandemic shutdowns and work-from-home arrangements reduced demand for public transportation. So far this year, ridership is up more than 55 percent from 2020.

The CTA wants to see that momentum continue. Throughout the summer, riders will enjoy discounted passes that allow unlimited rides on buses and trains.


The passes range in price based on their length. CTA is offering discounted one-day, three-day, and seven-day passes.

  • One-day (24-hour) pass: $5 (down from $10)
  • Three-day (72-hour) pass: $15 (down from $20)
  • Seven-day pass: $20 (down from $28)

The specially discounted unlimited-ride passes are perfect for traveling to sporting events, concerts, festivals, downtown, or a day at the beach. They’re especially useful if you have more than one stop.

Masks are mandatory

The federal mask mandate remains in place for public transportation. Therefore, masks or face coverings are required on all CTA properties even if you are vaccinated. All customers are required to wear masks/coverings while on a CTA bus, train, platform, or in a station or other building or facility owned and operated by the CTA.

According to the CTA, free masks are available on every bus and at every rail station. So if you forget yours at home, they have you covered.

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