CTA Modernization: When to expect Red Line station closures, limited service

CTA Red Line Thorndale station

Preparation for the CTA Red-Purple Line Modernization project is getting underway this weekend on the city’s North Side. It will impact CTA riders between Uptown and Edgewater.

According to Alderman Harry Osterman, construction crews will begin preparatory work on the tracks and embankment between Thorndale and Ardmore. The work is expected to continue through fall 2020.

Other work will include the demolition of the Northside Toyota Building on Broadway, additional embankment work, and the construction of temporary stations at Bryn Mawr and Argyle.

Other work taking place in 2020 will include demolition of the Northside Toyota building on Broadway, construction of temporary stations at Bryn Mawr and Argyle, and additional embankment work.

The following information is furnished from Alderman Osterman’s office:

Weekend Work near Ardmore (2019)

Friday, Dec. 13 through Monday, Dec. 16

Work will take place around the clock this weekend, through 4 AM on Monday. Work will include a crane lift for equipment and materials, excavation, demolition of a manhole, and track realignment and tamping. There will be noise associated with this work.

Ardmore will be closed between Broadway and Winthrop, beginning 9 AM on Friday, and reopening midday Monday. During this closure, the sidewalk on the south side of Ardmore will be closed, and the sidewalk on the north side of Ardmore will remain open. Additionally, access to parking off of Ardmore will remain open during this work. The alley between Thorndale and Ardmore will be closed to through traffic.

Northbound Ridebacks – Wilson to Howard

During this work the Red Line will run express northbound between Wilson and Howard; southbound service will run as usual. There will be a northbound Broadway shuttle service between Wilson and Howard stopping at all impacted Red Line station streets this weekend. 

Weekend Work near Ardmore (2020)

Beginning January 10, 2020

Crews will begin weekly weekend work in January. This work will involve the installation of an underground duct bank below the tracks. This will include excavation, vibratory-driven sheet metal installation, and the use of cranes and trucks to lift and haul equipment, materials, and excavation waste. This work will take place around the clock, beginning Friday and concluding at 4 AM on Monday. There will be noise and vibrations associated with the work.

There are expected closures on Ardmore for this work, with the same impacts as listed above. A sidewalk will always remain open and crews will always maintain access to parking off of Ardmore. We will share more specific information on the impacts of this work in January.

Station Closures – Granville, Thorndale, Bryn Mawr

During this work, the Red Line stations at Granville, Thorndale, and Bryn Mawr will be closed for service from Friday at 9 PM through Monday at 4 AM. Riders will not be able to access the platform at these stations, and trains will not make stops at these stations during this time.

Click here to view a brief overview of the RPM project.

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