Cosmic Dawn will debut in theaters and VOD next year

Cosmic Dawn

The eye-catching debut trailer for Cosmic Dawn accomplishes precisely what a trailer should: it arouses a strong desire to watch the film.

Cranked Up has announced that Jefferson Moneo’s new production, Cosmic Dawn, will hit theaters and Video-On-Demand platforms in February 2022.

A mind-blowing sci-fi horror story

Written and directed by Jefferson Moneo, Camille Rowe plays Aurora, a young lady who joins a cult in pursuit of a better understanding of her mother. Aurora saw her mother’s apparent kidnapping by extraterrestrials.

As a result, when a bookshop owner introduces her to a group of nice and inviting individuals, she decides to join them. However, as the video shows, additional secrets await him as the threat level rises tremendously.

Aurora has gone on with her life years later, following the disintegration of the cult. She appears to live a tranquil and regular life. Aurora is forced to confront her past when Elyse reappears in a weird video. She and Tom are on the hunt for the ultimate truth about The Cosmic Dawn.

If you are interested in this great picture with outstanding cinematography and cast direction, Cosmic Dawn will be accessible in cinemas and on-demand on February 11, 2022.

Watch the teaser trailer down below!

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