Chicago’s bid to host 2024 Democratic National Convention is official

The city of Chicago has entered a bid to host the Democratic National Convention in 2024.

“With our Midwestern location and unified leadership, Chicago presents an incredible opportunity to host the 2024 Democratic National Committee,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot says.

“The birthplace of the American labor movement and a model for equitable economic recovery, Chicago remains a stronghold for democratic values,” the mayor adds.

Chicago last hosted the Democratic National Convention in 1996. The city has hosted more party conventions than any other city in the country’s history. That’s largely due to its central location and Illinois’ importance as a one-time swing state – with numerous other swing states in the Midwest.

Since Illinois is now solidly Democratic, that perhaps hurts Chicago’s chances to host another convention. However, there’s not a lot of evidence that hosting a convention in a particular state helps a presidential candidate carry that state.

Here are just some recent examples:

  • 2016: The Democrats lost Pennsylvania the same year that they held their convention in Philadelphia.
  • 2012: Democrats lost North Carolina (after winning it in 2008) despite hosting the convention in Charlotte.
  • 2012: Republicans lost Florida despite hosting their convention in Tampa Bay.
  • 2008: Republicans lost Minnesota despite hosting their convention in St. Paul.

All of these states were considered swing states at the time. There are more examples from 2000 (Philadelphia) and 2004 (New York… although not a swing state), but it’s enough to demonstrate the point.

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