Chicagoans become Vaccine Ambassadors in free Malcolm X College course

Chicagoans can be Vaccine Ambassadors thanks to a free Malcolm X College course

Chicagoans can now become a Vaccine Ambassador thanks to a partnership between the Chicago Department of Public Health, Malcolm X College, and Partners In Health.

The Vaccine Ambassador Course is a volunteer program that will train you to be a reliable source of information about the COVID-19 vaccines in Chicago communities.

In this course students learn about:

  • Background on COVID-19 and the U.S. healthcare system
  • History of mistrust and the root causes of vaccine hesitancy
  • Answers to the most frequently asked COVID-19 vaccine questions
  • How to approach difficult vaccine conversations

The course is online. So you can take it from your laptop, PC, or even your mobile device. The course is self-paced; if you have just a few hours available a day, the Vaccine Ambassador course adapts to your preferences.

English and Spanish options

Chicago’s large Hispanic community is also taken into account for the course. So if you only speak Spanish, you will be able to take the course without any problem.


Completers will receive a certificate of completion as well as access to an online learning environment lead by Partners in Health, where they will be able to communicate with other Vaccine Ambassadors and receive guidance through further training, as well as remain active in community health events.


The registrations for the Vaccine Ambassador course are made on the official course website from Malcolm X College. If you have further questions or want to contact the team behind the course, you can do it directly to vaccine-ambassador@ccc.edu.

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