Chicago sues Vapes.com, Equte LLC over vaping ordinance

No smoking no vaping sign

The city of Chicago has filed a lawsuit against Equte LLC and Vapes.com. The lawsuit alleges that the companies marketed and sold flavored vaping products to underage Chicagoans.

“E-cigarettes are unhealthy and addictive, and businesses deliberately target young people in the hope they’ll develop lifelong customers,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “The city of Chicago’s message to vaping companies is clear: If you break the law, we will go after you, especially if you try to sell to our youth.” 

Last September, the City Council passed an ordinance banning the sale of flavored vaping products in Chicago, targeting liquid nicotine products that create taste or aroma other than tobacco. The ordinance was designed to prevent young people from developing a lifelong addiction to nicotine.  

The city has filed numerous lawsuits against vaping manufacturers and retailers for deceptive marketing and illegal sales to young people. Chicago was also one of the first cities in the nation to add e-cigarettes to its Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, the first big city to impose a vaping tax, and the first jurisdiction anywhere to include menthol in a flavored tobacco sales ban. The ban covers stores within 500 feet of high schools.

Image Credit: Mike Mozart, Flickr

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