Baymax, beloved robot from Big Hero 6, coming back in new Disney Plus series


After an unfortunate ending in Big Hero 6, we can look forward to the huggable hero Baymax once again.

Disney has been accustomed to providing us with fantastic jewels in the realm of cartoons. Despite its age, Big Hero 6 is one of them. Aside from leaving us with the memories of a brilliant plot, one of its characters, Baymax, has become cherished.

Today, at the “Disney Plus Day” celebration, the first official trailer of Baymax was revealed. It’s an adventure parallel to the universes of the film and Big Hero 6: The Series, in which we will witness Baymax coping with the daily lives of a variety of individuals.

The return of one of Disney’s most beloved recent characters

Attentive and clumsy in equal parts, the robot will strive to make residents’ lives simpler, whether it’s going to school, selling coffee to go, or functioning as a GPS helper for a woman, Baymax once again demonstrates what a terrific robot he is.

Clearly, Baymax is attempting to appease Big Hero 6 fans who have been left wanting more of this fantastic narrative. However, knowing Disney, they will try for a way to differentiate this new series from the original film.

At the present, no specific launch date for Baymax has been determined. That said, it has been confirmed that it will air on Disney Plus in the summer of 2022.

Watch the reveal trailer of Baymax down below!

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