Agnes is coming to theaters and VOD this holiday

Agnes is a bold examination of a young woman’s religious dilemma.

Magnet announced today that Agnes, directed by Mickey Reece, will be available on VOD and in theaters later this year. At a secluded monastery, a nun’s strange conduct generates suspicions of demonic possession. When a priest-in-training and his disillusioned mentor are dispatched to investigate, their techniques backfire, leaving a trail of fear and suffering in their wake.

Mickey Reece’s best production

Something isn’t right with Sister Agnes (Hayley McFarland). The explanation of her sudden proneness to violent outbursts that startle her little monastery is apparent to these pious nuns: she must be possessed by the devil. It’s time to bring in the major guns, exorcist Father Donaghue.

Various ways – and priests – are used to expel the demon from Sister Agnes. Sister Mary, Sister Agnes’ dearest friend, is watching the terrible events unfold with bated breath. Sister Mary’s faith is shaken by the subsequent exorcism, and she quits the convent to try her luck in the secular world. The typical possession picture is therefore spun on its head in the last act, taking us into unknown and interesting terrain.

Mickey Reece directs Agnes, which he co-wrote with John Selvidge. Molly C. Quinn, Sean Gunn, Chris Sullivan, Haley McFarland, Rachel True, Chris Browning, and Jake Horowitz are among the cast members.

Agnes will be released in cinemas and on-demand in the United States on December 10, 2021.

Watch the trailer of Agnes down below!

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